What Size Storage Unit Will I Need?

What Size Storage Unit Will I Need?

Storage Size Guide

Today there are many self storage options available in most cities and towns across America. Modern amenities, free climate control, free move-in trucks, free use of a business center are just a few of the offerings that storage centers now provide.  Customers love all of the amenities and find self storage a very convenient way to declutter and help create more space in their homes.  

One question that customers frequently have is, “What size storage unit will I need?”  At Mini Price Storage we make it very EASY for our customers.  Our self storage team members are happy to help you determine this!  With a quick phone call or stopping by one of our storage locations, our team members can give you some guidance to determine an appropriate size.  Another convenient way to figure out what size unit you may need is by using our handy-dandy online self storage size guide.  You can thumb through the different size storage units that we have and see what each size is capable of storing.

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