Attic Storage: How To Improve

Attic Storage: How To Improve

Now that the holiday craziness is over, it may be an excellent time to reconsider how you store things in your attic. If there are stacks of materials you need to stumble over to get to what you need, there can be ways to improve. All too often, attics become a dumping ground for your belongings you no longer want to see often. This usually is an issue once you want to grab something from the back. Avoid tripping hazards and improve the ways you store your belongings. Here are some ideas to improve your attic storage system and create the attic of your dreams!

Think Vertically

Chances are you have stacks of boxes and items across your floor. Using your walls is a great way to increase your floor space and organize your space. Some clunky odd-shaped items, like festive wreaths and sports equipment, can be stored on the walls using peg boards or screw-in hooks. These are easy to install and create more storage options for you to take advantage of.

Use Shelves

If you are not using shelving units, you are not storing your items correctly. Without shelves, homeowners usually stack boxes on top of one another. With shelves, you can get packages out without unstacking anything. You have to slide them in and out of the space you want. Floor-to-ceiling shelves help save on floor space the most. Truss shelves are another option that will get your items off the ground.

Revamp Your System

Maybe you simply need a new storage system to keep everything in its place. First, what kind of boxes do you use? Clear, plastic boxes are the best choice. They protect you from the elements while giving you a peek at what is on the inside. Next, consider a labeling system. Using colors or large, bold lettering will help you find what you need fast. Lastly, use smaller boxes for smaller items. These items will be harder to find and often forgotten in large boxes with more prominent things. Smaller items or even plastic drawers can help you organize and improve this attic storage system.

Purge Your Clutter

One big way to get rid of clutter is to purge it. You can not clear an attic if it has too much stuff. First, create three piles; toss, donate, or keep. Use these piles to determine what you want to hold onto. If you have trouble giving things away, try bringing in a family member or friend to help you divvy up your stash.

If you get to the end of your piles and are still struggling to keep your attic storage organized, try Mini Price Storage! We have a broad range of sizes fitting as many as 15 rooms of furniture! You can use our storage guide to see our sizing options and learn which size will suit your needs. Call one of our trained representatives. They are committed to finding the best storage solution for your needs. Reach us at 1-866-531-2675!

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