Attic Storage Solutions

Attic Storage Solutions

Does your attic have an adequate storage system? Homeowners often stuff unwanted holiday decorations without thought, only to become a jumble that overlaps and tangles until they are ready for them the preceding year. As Thanksgiving comes and passes, rethink how you store your belongings when you rack up the decor. We have easy-to-implement strategies to transform your attic from disorganized to clear and stay that way!

Get the Right Boxes

Most things are stored in boxes, so the most efficient system includes clear boxes. Don’t waste time with opaque containers that force you to open and dig through the contents. With a clear box like this one from Home Depot, you can easily see from the outside what’s inside and decide quickly which needs to come out with you. The containers should also be plastic and have comfortable handles for durability and mobility. Plastic boxes prevent bugs and water from entering and ruining the contents. Handles make them easy to transport between locations. If they can be stacked when empty, that is even better. You can move them much faster when you bring them in and out of the attic as you load and unload your decorations.

Create a Labeling System

Your boxes should have a label system to help you determine their purpose. Organize your decorations by the holiday they are for and then by the room they will be displayed in. You can use tape and a sharpie to write these labels. Make sure to use bold, clear lettering to help you quickly find what you need. Some create color systems with colored stickers. If you want to organize by holiday, different colored caps for your boxes can be a helpful way to identify what is inside. If you would rather have a color-based system, make a key in case you or a family member needs a reference. Consider what system works best for you and stick to it.

Map Everything Out

Most people toss things in and move them around as needed. However, with some planning, you can create a well-organized attic that is comfortable to move around. First, consider dividing your attic along the walls. Certain holidays have specific areas in the attic that are separate from other holidays. Take this a step further. Draw this map out of paper, and save it at the attic entrance to refer back to. This is the key to making your attic look and feels organized. A well-organized attic that feels organized is manageable, making your holiday season much more comfortable.

These tips are helpful for any organizing system! These tips will serve you well if you want to use self storage to organize your holiday belongings. Get your things out of your house and eliminate clutter with Mini Price Storage. We offer free move-in trucks to create a convenient move-in day. Our spacious elevators allow you to transport everything to your unit when you arrive. Please make your reservation today to talk to a representative to see how we can help you live a clutter-free life!

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