Baby Keepsakes: How to Store

Baby Keepsakes: How to Store

Are your kids outgrowing their blankies and binkies? While many may throw away these precious mementos, they don’t realize these items can last a lifetime. The little clothes your little ones wore can be worn by their little ones and even their little ones’ little ones. You can even use them sooner as siblings and cousins weave into your family tree. Even if they sit in your attic for a few, they are a great way to joyously relive the baby days and even embarrass your kids when you want! Here is a quick guide to storing your baby keepsakes, so they will be in good condition for generations to come.

Get Your Baby Keepsakes Ready for Storage

Before you pack anything away, you need to ensure it is clean and ready to store. Launder any blankets, garments, or bibs. Read any instructions, including protecting different fabrics. Some items may require a rewash to be safe to stay in good condition. Once the stains are gone, and everything is dried, you should be moisture-free and ready for packing.

Gather Your Materials

First, you have to choose a box that is right for you. Storage boxes made of acid-free paper are the best choice. However, if these boxes are too expensive, plastic storage boxes made with polypropylene are a great second choice. These boxes are notated with the letters “PP” or a #5 inside the recycling triangle. You will also need archival tissue paper that is both acid-free and lignin-free. With paper and your boxes, you should be ready to pack.

Pack Your Clothes with Care

First, look for any metal materials. Metal can stain fabrics by rusting over time, so remove any metal buttons and store them separately in their own tissue. Next, lightly stuff puffy sleeves and hats with acid-free tissue paper. Finally, lay each garment on different tissue and wrap, adding as much tissue as you think you will need. Cushion each fold to avoid heavy creasing. Once you have wrapped everything, stack it in your box. Lavender acts as a natural insect repellent and provides a pleasant aroma. Wrap a few sprigs in tissue paper or a satchel to avoid touching the clothes directly.

Store With Intention

You put work into packing these mementos. Now you have to find a place to store them. Choose a cool, dry place to prevent moisture buildup. Ideally, these boxes would stay out of the attic and be kept in interior space away from walls and pipes. The best place to store your baby keepsakes is a self storage unit. We offer free heating and cooling to help offset the harmful effects of fluctuating temperatures throughout the year. Tour a location near you today!

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