Bar Cart Storage For Your Home

Bar Cart Storage For Your Home

Do you keep a bar cart in your home? There are so many ways to use a bar cart that don’t have to include alcohol! The wide variety of bar carts allows you to incorporate them into every room in your home in numerous ways. It doesn’t matter if you have an apartment, a dorm, or a multi-story house! Use bar carts in these ways to improve your storage options and organizational skills throughout your home.


Your bathroom is a practical place to store beauty products, bath products, extra linens, and toilet paper. If your drawers and cabinets are crammed, don’t pile more things inside. Use a bar cart to organize your most needed items for easy reach. Create a stand for extra supplies guests can access to refill anything if necessary. Makeup lovers can use the bar cart to organize their beauty collections in a creative and inviting way to free up room in the drawers.


Your bedroom is your space to unwind and reset for the next day. Bar carts can help you with your needs in numerous ways. They can serve as a nightstand for anything you deem essential in bed; alarm clocks, lotion, tissues, candles, medications, pads of paper, and pens. Is your bureau looking full? Try using your cart as a jewelry stand and display your pieces in a stylish way. You can do the same with your nail polish collection or favorite accessories to give you a convenient station that will help you get ready.

Living Space

Your living room can serve many different purposes depending on the number of rooms in your home. If this area doubles as a home office, a bar cart can hold your printer and even some office supplies, making your at-home desk feel full-size. Do you struggle to keep your baby supplies tidy? If you have a bar cart, you will have ample space to organize everything in a specific area. For any crafters, you can keep paint and other art supplies in your station for easy reference. The cart can also be used to increase the aesthetics of your living space. Display artwork, plants, or even books, and see how you can personalize your cart to show others who you are.


Your bar cart can be a big help in the kitchen! Are bulky, rarely-used appliances taking up valuable counter space? Put them on the bottom shelf of your cart. Heavy recipe books can be lined up next to your most-used plates and bowls to save a shelf. Create a curated coffee station with your favorite brews and coffee cups, and look how spacious your kitchen looks! You can set up your bar cart as an open pantry to help you quickly grab needed items.

As you can see, the options are endless with a bar cart! However, there is only so much a bar cart or two can do for your home. If you have too many things to stow away, call Mini Price Storage! We can get your home where you want it to be. Our team is ready to walk you through the self storage process. Our outstanding amenities will show you what sets us apart from the rest. Use our free move-in trucks and discounted moving supplies and save big during your move! See the Mini Price Storage difference at one of our many locations!

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