Barbeque Hacks To Impress The Neighbors

Barbeque Hacks To Impress The Neighbors

Summer is quickly approaching, and so are the barbeque parties! Using the grill every weekend can be a great way to enjoy the season and get some tasty meals. Use some of these hacks to improve your experience so you can really impress your guests.

Clean Your Grill with an Onion

Too many rely on fancy tools to clean their grill and don’t realize cheaper, safer methods. Halve an onion and use it to run across the grills. The acidity will cut through the grime that always builds up. Plus, on a less utilitarian note, who doesn’t love a subtle taste of onion on their next summer plate?

Soak Your Skewers

Kebabs are among the best summer foods to offer. Unfortunately, the skewers can dry out or start to smoke before the food is ready to come off the grill. An easy solution is to soak the skewers in water for an hour or two before you put them on the grill to get your food just right. Additionally, double up on your skewers so that your food does not spin when you go to rotate.

Tent Your Meat

After your meat has been cooked, don’t serve it up right away. Take it off the grill and sit tin foil on top in a tent shape to retain the moisture and let the juices meld together.

Get Perfect Roast Marks

Ever wonder how chefs get perfect diamonds on their meat every time? It’s easy! Place your meat, so it points at 10:00 on a clock. Leave it to rest and try not to lift to let it char properly. After, rotate on the same side so that it points to 2:00. When you have the second set of lines charred perfectly, do the same on the opposite side!

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