Bayard Community Kitchen Gets Volunteers!

Bayard Community Kitchen Gets Volunteers!

In Richmond, Virginia, over 165,000 residents struggle to feed themselves daily. Feed More works to fill this need daily through many avenues. The Steve and Sara Bayard Community Kitchen is the on-site kitchen where they prepare healthy meals and hope for the thousands of Central Virginians who struggle to feed themselves daily. The highly-skilled team creates daily meals for the Kids Cafe, Summer Kids Cafe, Meals on Wheels, and several adult day programs in the community. A member of our Richmond team donated time to join their volunteer force and helped by packaging boxes for distribution to these programs to feed our neighbors. There are more ways to help their efforts!

Ways to Help Bayard Community Kitchen

Find other volunteer opportunities! There are plenty of other volunteer opportunities each day in the kitchen. These include preparation, labeling, and meal packaging. Find one that works for you!

Donate money to their parent organization, Feed More. Each dollar makes a significant impact in fighting against hunger.

Host a food drive. There are resources to get you started and provide food to feed your neighbors.

Find more information on each of these opportunities here!

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