Beach Accessories: How To Store

Beach Accessories: How To Store

As we move through September, the sun begins to set in summer. It is time to put up your favorite summer beach accessories, but don’t just cram everything in a closet. There could be tons of damage if you are not careful. Instead, follow these tips to keep your next beach days one for the books!

Shake Off and Dry Off

Get all sand and water off and out of your things. Before you start folding and organizing, your items should be clean and dry. This act will be your best defense against mold and mildew. First, shake off any sand and then use a hose to wash off the salt water. Finally, give your items ample drying time before you organize them for storage.

Protect Your Materials

Any bikes, wagons, or anything else with wheels will need extra protection. Use appropriate protectants for other materials like metal, rubber, and plastic. Oil any moving parts and cover these items to preserve your work.

Deflate Any Inflatables

To maximize available storage space, dispel the air from any floating inner tubes or beach balls. Once everything is flat, you will be able to fold these items until you are ready for them next summer.

Choose a Storage Space

Now that everything is cleaned and prepped for storage, you have to choose the best place for your things to wait out in the cooler months. Garages and attics are great spaces to choose to get everything out of your way. These spaces usually have open floor space and even shelving available to use. You can install hooks into the wall or ceiling to hang bigger items and get them out of the walkway.

Another great option is self storage! Mini Price Storage offers free heating and cooling to offset the harmful effects of the year’s temperature extremes. This feature will be vital as we creep into the cold winter temperatures. Our storage experts are available by phone to answer any questions you may have about the process. Call us today to see how we can help you keep your beach accessories in good condition! 1.866.531.2675

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