Best Haunted Attractions in Virginia

Best Haunted Attractions in Virginia

Are you looking for a scare this Halloween season? We have the top picks for our customers!

Haunted Hunt Club Farm
Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach is a petting farm by day and a haunted Halloween attraction by night, and one of the best! They have won many awards, including the Haunted Attraction Association’s 2019-2020 Top-Rated Haunts in America. Their Halloween festival brings you many paths to take; the Field of Screams takes you through a walking trail and a cornfield. The haunted walk through the Towne of terror takes you to meet the creepy citizens who inhabit the town. Travel through the woods and meet the Village of the Dead.

A Haunting at Greenbrier Farms
This is Chesapeake’s best-haunted attraction. While this farm’s Fall Festival, make look tame during the day with their pumpkin patches, hayrides, arts, and crafts, it certainly changes at night. Now longer than ever, this farm features six trails; Killing Corn, GB66 The Burial Grounds, Trail of Fears, Jungle Rot, Your Last RUN, Maniac House, and Psych Ward. These grounds will allow you to relive the tragedy that happened there in 1971 if you dare!

Creepy Hollow Scream Park
Richmond’s ultimate Halloween attraction is the Creepy Hollow Scream Park. Travel by foot through the woods to find the horrors of Dr. Ulysses S. Farrington’s failed experiments stalking through the trees. This scream forest leads you to find what happens to those who cannot escape the mad Doctor’s Woods.

Red Vein Haunted House
Just north of Richmond sits Red Vein Haunted House in Ashland, Virginia. Legend has it that a witch set a plague that brought devastation and carnage to everyone in the region. The adjacent old asylum was abandoned and left for ruin. Local treasure hunters have set up shop to auction their collections, many of which hold dark secrets, including demonic possession, paranormal experiences, and many twisted stories. These include a mad doctor, cannibalistic killers, lost sideshow performers, a haunted orphanage, cloaked figures, and the ever-famous Ashland Witch. Visitors have the opportunity to see the stone tablet with the secret to long life and great fortune.

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