Best Parks in Chesapeake

Best Parks in Chesapeake

Chesapeake, Virginia, is the second most populated city in the state with over 244,000 residents. This city is also the second-largest in the state by land area. It offers a diverse landscape with farmland, forest, and wetlands. There are several public parks that you can visit, and below are some of the best ones!

Chesapeake City Park
This park stretches over 90 acres and is one of the cities largest. With volleyball and horseshoe courts, a skate park, an outdoor fitness area, and a walking trail, there are plenty of recreation activities to choose from. There is a dog park for your pooch to socialize in, and most notably, a large playground dubbed the “Fun Forest.” Here, your child can find the underground telephone, the shaking bridge, and even a fossil dig! The family adventure space and many other attractions in this park ensure fun for everyone!

Great Bridge Lock Park
Sitting at the intersection of the Chesapeake Canal and the Elizabeth River, this park helps with strategic water flow. The lock keeps the saltwater and the freshwater separate. Being right on the water makes this an excellent destination for those who enjoy crabbing, fishing, boating, and any other water-related fun! That is not all the park has to offer. The full park contains 19 acres with plenty of trails and picnic locations to choose from.

Chesapeake Arboretum
The arboretum includes 48 acres of land and dates back to the 18th century. The original farmhouse still stands where the site started. Themed gardens, including a fragrance garden and an antique rose garden, bring a certain charm and eloquence to the arboretum when the hardwood forest has a handsome ruggedness. With such a wide range of flora and fauna, this site is often referred to as “nature’s classroom.’ Enjoy all the wildlife this place has to offer with eight bridges, three miles of trails, and a gorgeous gazebo!

Great Dismal Swamp
Technically, this swamp lies just outside of Chesapeake, but it is worth mentioning one of the Eight Natural Wonders of Virginia. This foggy swamp used to serve as a refuge for African Americans held in slavery, trying to escape. There are even communities of African-American refugee slaves who started families that never saw a white man in their lives until the Civil War. Now, the park is preserved through the Nature Conservatory. More than 200 bird species, 100 plant families, 70 species of reptile and amphibian, and many mammals, including black bears, bobcats, otters, and weasels can all be found here. Lake Drummond sits at the heart of the swamp and serves as the main attraction in the swamp. There are hiking and biking trails as well as vehicle access year-round. Enjoy the eerie beauty of the wetland and its incredible wildlife.

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