Best Time of the Year To Move

Best Time of the Year To Move

Are you in a position to choose your moving date? There is a lot to consider when you are moving. Do you have children? Does your budget change during the holiday season? How big a part does weather play in your decision? We have valuable information to help you choose the best time of the year to move.


Summer months come with some significant benefits for your children and your schedule. Longer daylight hours allow you more time to move. These months also will enable you to move in the middle of the week after work should you prefer to keep the weekends free. Also, children will easily transition in this gap between the school years. Finally, moving in the early summer gives you more time to settle before the school year starts.

Summer is a popular choice for movers as it is the height of the house selling market. About 70% of moves happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This, unfortunately, means higher prices and less availability for moving companies. The more increased need often requires moving companies to hire more seasonal help, which can result in inexperienced movers who may unknowingly damage your things. Additionally, the high demand could result in delivery delays as moving trucks can hold stuff for more than one household at a time. Besides moving company struggles, summer is the hottest time of the year. This heat means you will be sweating as you move things. You must take extra precautions with sunscreen, water, and proper clothing to keep your move comfortable.


Fall can be an excellent time to move everything. These months are between 2 extremes, so the weather is cool, but not cold, with much less rain to avoid. This season is a great time to move right before the holidays. Because most have moved in the summer, there will be more availabilities for movers, and you can have a more secure move-by date. Lastly, their rates will be lower than the average in the summer months.

There are a few conditions that can make moving in the fall can be tricky. First, families with children find that switching schools after the school year are a pain. If you are moving to a college town, affordable apartments can also be expensive as many landlords raise the rent for the influx of college students.


Winter is excellent if you are solely looking at the price points. However, January and February offer fantastic apartments, moving companies, and storage deals if you need extra space. In addition, winter conditions are much more forgiving to items stuck for days to weeks in moving vans.

If you hate the cold, it might be best to postpone your moving date. Besides being uncomfortable, icy roads and cold winds can make moving unsafe. Extra prep work will be needed to preserve your items and protect your moving team. Salt your walkways to prevent falls—waterproof your boxes for snowfall. Additionally, if your wallet will be stretched thin during the holiday season, moving fees may put you in the red. If this is your case, it would be wisest to shift to a season without back-to-back holidays.


Spring brings some significant advantages to moving. The weather starts to get warmer, and you will want to be outside more. Like the colder seasons, there will be high availabilities for the season, allowing you to stick to your move-in date. With fewer movers, you also get access to better prices. Additionally, apartments may be more affordable in college towns as students move out.

Spring isn’t perfect. With these warmer temperatures comes rain to deal with. Pollen also gets released, which could bother those with allergies. Your furniture and boxes can also get covered in a yellow shade if you move around lots of trees. Additionally, kids will have the most challenging time transitioning during the second half of the school year when students already have their friends and exams are coming up.

So, what is the best time of the year to move? It depends on your circumstance and your preference. There are many things to consider, like your children, pricing, and weather all play a huge factor in your decision. Assess the benefits and downsides of each season to determine which time of the year is best for you to move. If that season does not align with your move-in time frame, you can always choose self storage to assist you in between moves. There are a variety of sizes for you to choose from to fit anywhere from a small locker’s worth of smaller items to 12 rooms of furniture. Use our interaction Storage Guide to determine which size suits your needs best. Our storage specialists are available to help you find the right unit and answer any questions you may have. Give them a call at 1-866-531-2675.

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