Book Collection Storage Ideas That Will Stand Out

Book Collection Storage Ideas That Will Stand Out

If you love to read, you know how easy it can be to collect books. As your collection grows, it can be easy to stash them away where you might even forget about them. But, of course, any bibliophile learns the best way to get through that finally must-read list is to display them, so they are right at your fingertips. But who has the space to store all of these books? When your bookshelves are complete, and your book list keeps growing, there are many places to display the books in your collection.

Use High Out of Reach Areas

We all have those areas in the house with high, hard-to-reach places. These could be above kitchen cabinets, above shelving units, or anywhere with space. Books are great to use here because you don’t need them every day. Keeping them up high will keep them out of reach until you are ready to read them.

Underneath a Bench

If you have a bench with space underneath, adding books can give the room some much-needed charm. You can use them to match the style of the room. If you have a more bohemian style, add books with different heights, thicknesses, and colors. If you have a more modern style, you may want your books to look more cohesive under your bench. Play around with your collection to see what works for you!

Repurpose a Bar Cart

Your bar cart can be used for many things: for drinks, of course, as an art nook, extra bathroom supplies, and even as a mini-library. Use some books and as with other shelving units, add in plants, lamps, or even your favorite drink to create a stylish personalized library for you and your guests to peruse.

How will you be storing your book collection?

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