Camping Tips To Create Space

Camping Tips To Create Space

Have you ever been camping and tripped over your own things walking from the campfire to your tent? We like to have the things we need, but it can be counterproductive to not have space for everything you bring. Creating camping storage is easy when your know-how. Look like a pro and camp with everything neatly tucked away with these hacks!

Pack Intentionally

If you have ever been camping, you know that your gear can fill up your bag fast. This is why you have to think about how you pack up.

  • Create an inventory first to make sure you get everything you need. If there is anything after the trip that you did not use, cross it off the inventory list, so next time you go camping, you have less extra weight.
  • Place items that you will need often in your car, like tents and toiletries, in easy reach.
  • Roll your clothes. Don’t fold them so you can find what you are looking for while saving space.
  • Choose multi-use items like a carabiner that doubles as a firestarter. This will save you space in your bag.

Prepare For Food Prep

One of the messiest parts of camping is the food supplies. There is a lot to plan for between the food, plates, utensils, pots, and rags.

  • Take two coolers and used one for food and the other for drinks. You can use cooling racks to separate melting ice from your food.
  • You can use plastic hanging shoe organizers to organize many things needed to make your meal, like utensils and dish rags.
  • Bring resealable bags for your cooking tools and utensils. Always scrub your tools when you are done with them. Place them into plastic resealable bags so they can travel well for the rest of your journey

Store Your Supplies After Camping

A common way to ruin your next camping trip is to unpack your previous one improperly. Put in the effort when you get back and save yourself from headaches when you have to get everything together for the next trip.

  • Make sure your tent is dry before you finally store it. Mold and mildew can easily set in if it has moisture.
  • Air out your sleeping bag when you get back to the house. Shake out any loose items from your folds. After, place the sleeping bag on a hanger, lay it out flat, or use a front-loading machine to dry it out.

Between trips, you might not have room to store everything you need. Self storage is a great solution to keep your things in their own place when you don’t need them! We have a wide range of unit sizes. Check out our storage guide to see how we can help lighten your load.


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