Car Storage to Clear the Mobile Mess

Car Storage to Clear the Mobile Mess

You probably have a second home in your car. If you look around, you’ll probably find a few extra clothes, snacks, memorabilia, and even an emergency kit if things get rough on the road. With so many things lying around, it can be hard to find proper space for everything. Here are some easy ways to add some extra car storage.

Clean Everything Out

The first step of any storage creation project is to clear out the junk. We have all been guilty of a jam-packed car at one point or another. Release all the trash and items that do not need to be in that car. Start with a blank canvas and make your life less stressful.

Start in the Trunk

It is easy to fill this part of the car up. Sports equipment, car equipment, beach trip equipment can build up if you are not careful. Consider only bringing these materials out when you need them. If you have space, buy collapsible storage bins. These can fold out to hold all of your kid’s soccer gear. They can even hold your groceries in an environmentally friendly way, eliminating the need for plastic bags! Try some of these to see which would fit your car best.

Center Console Clutter

If you can’t find anything in your center console, you need a better system. Keep pens, paper, hair ties, sunscreen, lint roller, and anything else you need to make your car rides comfortable in an organized way. No matter how much you need in your ride, there are organizers of every size. A simple divider like this one can make finding your things so much easier.

Make Your Visor Versatile

Your sun visor does more than blocks out the sun. Keep any objects strapped to the visor that will fit, like wet wipes, CDs, garage opener, or work ID. Use a few cheap elastic bands to stash these away.

Keep Kid’s Toys At Bay

Kids need tons of distractions in the car to keep them busy. Between the coloring supplies, reading books, video games, stuffed animals, and other toys, there is a lot to keep track of. Splurge for these car backseat organizers, or get simple purse hooks to hang bags for your kid’s things.

After you get everything organized and create sufficient car storage, you may realize you have more things than you have space. Get rid of that headache and use self storage. We have locations all over Virginia with FREE heating and cooling, so you can store for as long as you need. See which is closest to you!

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