Central Virginian Summer Meal Programs

Central Virginian Summer Meal Programs

During quarantine, the needs of Central Virginian students increased exponentially. More than 1 million meals were distributed in Chesterfield Schools before the school year ended, and they have extended their feeding programs, along with other Central Virginia school districts, to accommodate this need.

Chesterfield County Public Schools
Their summer meal program, which started on Monday, June 15, will go on until August 31 every Monday through Thursday from 11 AM to 12 PM Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack will be served through 17 Chesterfield school sites and 28 community locations including the following:

  • Bellwood Elementary
  • Bensley Elementary
  • Chalkley Elementary
  • M. Christian Elementary
  • Crenshaw Elementary
  • Crestwood Elementary
  • Davis Elementary
  • Falling Creek Elementary
  • Hening Elementary
  • Hopkins Elementary
  • Jacobs Road Elementary
  • Providence Elementary
  • Manchester Middle
  • Matoaca Middle
  • Thomas Dale High
  • Matoaca High
  • Meadowbrook High
  • Holiday Mobile Park (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Bermuda Trailer Park (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Falling Creek Apartments (11 a.m.-noon)
  • South Pointe Landing Apartments (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Chester Library (11:15 a.m.-noon)
  • Maisonette Apartments (11:40 a.m.-12:10 p.m.)
  • Winchester Green Apartments (11–11:30 AM)
  • Colonial Ridge Apartments (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Harbour East Village Mobile Home Park (11:40 a.m.-noon)
  • Laketree Manor Apartments (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Greenleigh Mobile Home Park (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Heritage Point Apartments (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Your Store (11:15–11:45 AM)
  • Meadowbrook Apartments (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Walmsley Terrace Apartments (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Arnett’s Family Store (11:30 a.m.-noon)
  • Ivy Walk Apartments (11–11:45 AM)
  • Journey Christian Church (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Chesterfield Village Apartments (11:40 AM-12:10 PM)
  • North Arch Village Apartments (11 a.m.-noon)
  • Cross Creek Apartments (11:40 AM-12:10 PM)
  • Pocoshock Ridge Apartments (11–11:30 AM)
  • Ironbridge Church (11:15 a.m.-noon)
  • Happy Hill Shopping Center (11:15–11:45 AM)
  • Bensley Park (11:15–11:45 AM)
  • Union Baptist Church (11:15 a.m.-noon)
  • Ettrick Park (11:15 a.m.-noon)
  • Ettrick-Matoaca Library (11:15 a.m.-noon)
  • Suburban Village (11 a.m.-noon)

Three additional school sites will offer breakfast and lunch meals.

  • Enon Elementary
  • James River High
  • Monacan High

Henrico County Public Schools
Meals will be served through 14 sites from 11 AM to noon. On Monday 3-days worth of meals will be distributed and on Thursday 4-days worth of meals will be offered at the following locations:

  • Brookland Middle School
  • Fairfield Middle School
  • Harvie Elementary School
  • Hermitage High School
  • Highland Springs Elementary School
  • Lakeside Elementary School
  • Longan Elementary School
  • Montrose Elementary School
  • Quioccasin Middle School
  • Ridge Elementary School
  • Sandston Elementary School
  • Varina High School
  • Ward Elementary School
  • L. Douglas Wilder Middle School

Hanover County Public Schools
There are two distribution sites. The following locations will offer curbside Grab & Go breakfasts and lunches Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays from 11 AM to 1 PM.

  • John M. Gandy Elementary School
  • Mechanicsville Elementary School.

If you do not need the food, consider volunteering your time. These groups help thousands of students, and due to the increased need, there is no telling how much they will grow this summer. Volunteering your time to those who need it most is one of the greatest acts you can do in this time of need.

Source: WTVR

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