Chesterfield Food Bank Outreach Center Ensuring No One Goes Hungry

Chesterfield Food Bank Outreach Center Ensuring No One Goes Hungry

At Mini Price Storage, we serve our customers to make their lives easier. We extended our reach to the Chesterfield Food Bank Outreach Center (CFBOC) to help those who need food assistance. Our 1011 Koger Center Boulevard team served local seniors through the Chesterfield Food Bank Outreach Center (CFBOC) yesterday. Through community partners and government programs, the food bank provides local seniors with the meals needed to live long, healthy lives.

The CFBOC shares our belief that no one should go hungry. Since 2010, they have worked to nourish and strengthen the community through their many programs. They rely on the efforts of their volunteers and other members of the Chesterfield community to help them continue their work.

Chesterfield Food Bank Support

There are plenty of ways to support their work if you are interested!

  • Get involved with one of the food outreach programs. The focuses include seniors, children, emergencies, and mobile needs.
  • Become a part of one of their community outreach programs. They serve homeless populations and have tons of hands-on opportunities.
  • Assist clients directly through one of their resource programs. These include client advocacy and workforce support.

Learn more here!

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