Closet Organization Made Easy

Closet Organization Made Easy

Fall is officially here! It may not feel like it today, but soon windy skies and cool temperatures will arrive. Organize your closet to fit the season with these easy tips.

Create Hanging Space

There are many overlooked ways to create space in your closet. Since cold weather brings bulkier clothes, it would be good to create extra hanging space. Use tension rods to create another clothing rod. Space below the clothes hanging for extra sweaters is a great spot. With two rods, you can sift through your clothes much more effortlessly.

Fold with Care

Often, try as you might; your sweaters won’t hang correctly. Many are not meant to hang in a closet. The hanger can leave marks on the shoulder and stretch the fabric. You should fold these materials using a careful method. If you are storing it on a shelf or cubby, display each so you can see each sweater stacked. The Spruce has some great options to choose from for easy retrieval!

Clear Some Space

You won’t have any room to put your things if there isn’t any space. Go through your closets, drawers, and shelves to see what needs to go. Organize into three piles; donate, keep in the closet, and store away. Donate any items that do not fit your style or that you simply will not be wearing anymore. You may have things that are not your style anymore or are novelty items that hold memories for you. These items are best stored away for future use. Self storage is a great option. At Mini Price Storage, our free heating and cooling help offset the harmful effects of the temperature extremes of winter. Check out some of our other amenities that make Mini Price Storage the preferred storage choice. Call us to see how we can help you have the closet of your dreams! 1.866.531.2675

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