Common Garage Storage Safety Mistakes

Common Garage Storage Safety Mistakes

There are many areas in our homes that we use for extra storage, and unkempt garages are one of the most commonly used makeshift storage space spaces in the home. While your garage can hold a lot, it can also provide many dangers for you and your things. Here are some tips that we found to help keep things on the safer side with your garage storage.

Do not store anything on stairways.
Storing items on the stairs is a tripping hazard. Avoid this area at all costs to provide for a clear, unobstructed walking path.

Get items off of the ground.
While it is convenient to put your items on the ground, keep in mind that this makes it easy for AC unit leaks to ruin your boxes and invite mold to settle in. Use shelves to prevent this kind of damage.

Make sure every hanging unit is properly secured.
Shelves can be safe if you follow all of the manufacturers’ installation directions. Also, when you hang a bike from the ceiling, make sure you are doing so correctly to avoid injury to you or others.

Don’t stack items too high.
Reaching for a box in high stacks overhead can be dangerous. Use smaller stacks for a more functional storage experience that helps to keep you safe.

Use plastic containers to store your items.
The worst things to unpack are damaged items that have critters in them. Cardboard boxes are easily warped by standing liquids and changing humidity, allowing easy access for excess moisture and critters to invade your items. Plastic boxes are your best defense against these experiences. They can keep out unwanted pests and stay sturdy during temperature changes throughout the year.

Do not store temperature-sensitive items in the garage.
If your climate gets very hot and humid in the summer and cold and dry in the winter, temperature-sensitive items would best be stored in places with controlled-climate capabilities. At Mini Price Storage, we offer heating and cooling AT NO EXTRA COST to you! Call us at 1.866.531.2675 and learn how we can help you store better.

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