Desk Storage: How To Improve

Desk Storage: How To Improve

Whether you work at a desk or in an office, it can be challenging to stay organized. Many find their papers shuffled around or stacked with magazines and essential documents, making it hard to find things at a moment’s notice. Try these easy organization tips to get your office in working order.

Strategize With Your Dominant Hand

Throughout the day, it will be annoying if everything you need to grab is on the side of the desk opposite your dominant hand. If you are right-handed, put the phone to the right of your desk. Make sure anything else you often grab is on that side or at least easy to reach. This strategy will save you time as your week goes on.

Add a Rolling Cart Next To Your Desk

If you are low on storage space, you can store a lot more effortlessly by adding a rolling cart next to your desk—store extra pens, papers, and other office supplies in the cart for easy reach. Aim for a coach the same size as your desk to make it match better.

Maximize the Space Underneath

In the office, every space matters. Try using space underneath your desk to maximize every square inch available. Use a bookshelf or storage cabinet to stow books, files, and other supplies you can have within reach.

Rethink Your Walls

Use your walls to get things off your desk. Installing floating shelves or pegboards is a great way to show your personality and organize your items. Suppose you can not mount anything to your walls. Consider leaning a tall organizer to have clear drawer space for other things.

Check Your Inventory

Do you have too much stuff? Sometimes you don’t need what you think you do year-round. Take your seasonal holiday decor and season-specific work projects to a storage facility and see how much lighter your office feels. We can help your whole home feel that way too! Explore our storage guide. We have sizes up to 10’ x 40’, which can fit up to 10-15 rooms of furniture. Our ceilings have extra height for stacking belongings and fitting more into the unit while spending less money. Call now and ask an associate about our amazing deals and offerings to see why we are the preferred storage group in Virginia. 1-866-531-2675

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