Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Are you headed to college? No matter whether you are a freshman or a senior, you can always use some more organization in your dorm room. Check out these ideas to maximize your space and minimize your clutter.

Make the Most of Your Closet

If you have a closet in your dorm, you will want to use every square inch you have. Use thin hangers to hang as much as you need. Consider a hanging closet organizer to store jeans, sweaters, and other bulky items if you need additional space. Use an over-the-door shoe hanger to get your shoes off the ground. Stow your laundry hamper on the free floor to hide your dirty clothes from guests and roommates. Even laundry supplies like detergent and dryer sheets can be stored alongside the walls on the ground. Any available shelving above the clothing rack is an excellent space for boxes and binders to organize the items you may not need as often.

Rethink Your Bed

Your dorm bed likely comes with the ability to rise high above the ground. Bring it to the highest level to fit any storage bins, drawers, or a desk below. Add extra height by purchasing bed risers. Bed skirts and other fabrics are a great way to hide any clutter you want out of sight. You can also add storage above your bed to get things off the ground you want to use more often. Install shelving units specifically designed for twin beds or look into a small headboard with shelving included like this from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Use Your Desk

Most college dorm rooms give you a desk hutch. This cabinet gives you plenty of space to store all your school supplies, but with some planning, you can fit everything you need to clear your dorm space. Desk organizers can go inside the drawers for pens, pencils, rulers, extra notepads, and any other supplies you need want neatly organized. If you don’t have drawers, mason jars can be a great alternative to storing these items on your desk. Next, use binder clips to organize cords from the floor to your desk. Thread the cables through the clip’s loop and clip them to your desk for year-round organization. Finally, place baskets on the shelving unit to have a designated charging station or store other things you need within easy reach.

If you find that even with an eye for organization, you may not have space for everything in your dorm room, then a self storage unit can be a convenient way to get your things out of the way while you study throughout the year. Learn about more of our affordable, clean units by finding a location nearest to you HERE.

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