Earth Day Friendly Practices at Mini Price Storage

Earth Day Friendly Practices at Mini Price Storage

Happy Earth Day! At Mini Price Storage, we celebrate Earth Day like it is every day. We incorporate daily practices to conserve our resources. Here is how we give the best experience in self-storage while keeping the Earth in mind.

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

Every Mini Price Storage offers free heating and cooling to give the best defense against fluctuating external temperatures throughout the year. Did you know that these systems operate at high efficiency? These systems are better for the environment and our customers as they work with low noise.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Our facility is lighted with special energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs. The facility also houses compact bulbs to save electricity effectively.

Recycled Construction Materials

The entrance to every facility includes recycled floor tiles, and our front lobby countertops include recycled glass. These save raw materials and provide an eco-friendly lobby area for our customers.

Paperless Options

Our business practices include paperless options with electronic forms and electronic receipts. These save on trees and provide a convenient filing system for many customers.

Efficient Bathrooms

Like the rest of the facility, our bathrooms are created with our resources in mind. For example, we offer paper-efficient options by installing hand dryers instead of paper towels. Additionally, our toilets are low-flow toilets saving on wasteful water usage.

These efforts are all part of a more significant push to lower the eco-footprint of the business world. Businesses have made a sizeable negative impact, but we can change the effects for our future with more awareness. For over 50 years, Earth Day has recognized and educated others on the many ways we hold the power of this effect. The theme this year is to invest in our planet. We must act boldly, innovate broadly, and implement equitably to do so. We support each every day when we construct and operate our facilities. Check the Earth Day website to see how you can make changes in your own life!

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