Easter Egg Hiding Places Sure To Surprise

Easter Egg Hiding Places Sure To Surprise

It is almost time for the Easter bunny to make his rounds around your home and hide the colorful Easter eggs! It doesn’t matter if you live in a large or small house. There are plenty of hiding spaces to surprise your family with this year. Maybe your kids have gotten a little older, and you need creative ideas. We have egg-cellent spots sure to stump even the deft finders in your family.

Inside Your Home

We all know the typical spots like behind the leaves of an indoor plant, tucked in the back of window curtains, nestled in between books, or simply sitting in the fruit basket. There are more advanced places to hide your eggs instead of leaving them in the middle of the space. Look for places to put your egg in the kitchen, like a coffee mug, cereal box, dishwasher, or even the egg carton in the fridge! Instead of putting an egg underneath the living room couch, tape it under the dining room table. Try moving the egg from the closet floor to inside a jacket pocket. Most parents have placed an egg in between stuffed animals. However, how many put one in the back of one of the puppet stuffed animals? There are many ways to level up what you already do inside the home. Just think outside the box!

Outside Your Home

The same rule of thumb goes for the outside; if you can conceal the egg, it will be harder to find. Hiding spots like birdbaths, bushes, and patio steps are easily found. You can hide them behind your patio cushions. Try inside gardening gloves, the watering can, your letterbox, or a sand pit. There are tons of ways to get creative this year!

Additional Tips

Do you have children of different ages? To dissuade your oldest from getting all the eggs and your youngest from crying through the holiday, create a system for them to follow. First, hide your most plain-sighted eggs in blue eggs, then hide your hardest-to-find eggs in green. Then, tell your youngest they must find all the blue eggs, and your oldest has to find the green ones! This way, your younger children are satisfied with an empty basket, and your older children are not bored with the hunt.

Are your older children becoming disinterested in the hunt? Try hiding fun items in the eggs. You can keep movie tickets, coupons, or even dollar bills to keep them interested. Stuffing a $20 bill in one of the eggs will definitely keep your kids interested in the yearly hunt.

Make sure to take inventory of where you hide everything. You don’t want to find melted chocolate in a few weeks, or even worse, let your dog find it!

After the Easter Holiday

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