Easy Spring Cleaning

Easy Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! With this wonderful information comes the hard truth- it is time for the annual spring cleaning. Taking some extra time to deep clean will set you in good spirits as we move into warmer weather. As positive as the results of spring cleaning are, no one likes doing it. We have some ways to keep you on track and get a spring in your step!

Make a Schedule

The secret to getting everything done in a timely manner – make a schedule. Look around and see what needs the most energy. Do you skip any rooms in cleaning? Are there any closets that have become dumping grounds? Start with those areas and chunk out the rest of your tasks by their size. Getting the large tasks over with earlier in the day will make the smaller tasks easier to do as you get tired. Check out this article of ours for more ideas on chunking out your spring cleaning schedule.

Protect Against Allergens

If you have allergies, you are probably dreading the season. Not only does spring come with its own set of allergens, but a deep dive into spring cleaning will involve heavy-duty cleaners, and no doubt raises dust into the air. To protect yourself, use masks, gloves, scarves, hairnets, and other protective clothing. While these are unnecessary for everyone with allergies, if you are tired of feeling crummy, it is not bad to give yourself the best defense.

Have Fun Ringing in the Season

There is no reason that spring cleaning should only mean business and no party. If you clean and want to celebrate with a new look, feel free to change the ambiance. Get some brightly colored pillows, replace your bedding, or hang a new picture! As Marie Kondo says, release anything that does not “spark joy.”

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