Essentials Bag For Moving

Essentials Bag For Moving

Many movers just pack everything up into boxes without thinking about the future. Yes, they may organize everything; however, they don’t leave room for an essentials bag. When you are in your new space, you may need an essentials bag before you pack everything away. No one likes living out of boxes, and an essentials bag can give you everything you need for those first few days. So what do you need? We have everything you need to consider!


Like any trip, you will need toiletries. Bring anything you would need for a weekend trip. This bag can include cleansers, lotions, medications, makeup, and any other tools you regularly use that you will want to have on hand. Additionally, consider bringing toilet paper and any shampoos you need to feel clean and comfortable.


Bring a few outfits for different occasions. Pack away some work outfits, PJs, gym clothes, and any other outfits you may need, such as date night outfits. You never know what those first few days may bring. Your new coworkers may want you to come along for after-work drinks. Being prepared to make the most of your first week with the best impression is good!


Another essential in this day and age is your cell phone and laptop. Bring those and locate their chargers to keep close by. Whether you need them for their resources or to unwind at the end of the day, having these close by and charged up will make your day easier.

Kitchen Supplies

Keep some basics in your essentials bag. You may need to cook a meal on the fly or use a couple of utensils with take-out food. Store away a fork, knife, spoon, plate, bowl, cup, and even a frying pan and spatula for easy reach. This option will give you plenty of ways to feed yourself in that first week.


Bring an extra set of sheets with a couple of pillows to help make your first night comfortable. If you are moving with a moving company and they are running late, have an idea where your sleeping bag is so that you can have a place to sleep when you need it.

Important Papers

There are some things that you just can’t afford to lose. Did you know that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSAA) reports over 7,000 lost items yearly by commercial movers? Keep important documents like house deeds, passports, and birth certificates close by on your person to give them the best chance at staying in your possession.

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