Feng Shui for Your Bedroom

Feng Shui for Your Bedroom

Are you happy with the layout of your bedroom? It can seem that your room is impossible to perfect, but a trained eye knows exactly where things should go. If you haven’t tried your hand at Feng Shui before, this can be the perfect time to do so. Feng Shui is based on the belief that all objects affect your life. Therefore, by arranging your things in a specific way, you can increase your happiness, prosperity, health, and even passion. We have some basic rules of Feng Shui for you to consider as you perfect your bedroom.

Create a Calm Environment

Before you move the heavy stuff, there is a lot you can do to create a pleasant environment for sleeping. Maximize your airflow with adjustable blinds. Access to the natural world can be beneficial for anyone in any environment. Consider adding plants to help the air quality. Choose to bed with natural fibers like cotton and bamboo to keep moisture and bad Chi at bay. Choose muted colors to keep your emotions soothed and relaxed if you invest in a decor overhaul. Any lighting is best muted as well. Try using candles and low-light bulbs to fall asleep faster and longer while improving your Feng Shui.

Reconsider Your Bed

Your bed is where you recharge for the following day. It would be best if you had an adequate bed placed in an optimal spot to give yourself the best chance when the sun rises. If you can, invest in a King bed. This will give you a bigger space to relax and regroup with yourself in a meaningful way. Relatedly, place your bed in a commanding position. This position means facing the entry door while staying out of line with the opening. The optimal position suggests a mattress that is diagonal from the entryway. This means the door is in sight, but you are not looking directly out of it. This gives you better security while you sleep. Another significant factor in Feng Shui is symmetry. You can achieve better balance by investing in a solid headboard. Not only will you be able to sit up in bed quickly with a lovely headboard, but it gives you more security and can even help you fall asleep faster and more deeply.

Rearrange Your Other Furniture

With a few tweaks, the other furniture pieces in your bedroom can align you with your goals. For instance, keep two bedside night tables on either side of your bed. This creates balance and symmetry in your room and gives more accessibility to either side of the bed. If you have a mirror in your room, try to face it away from your bed. It can distract your eye line while you are going to sleep, taking away much-needed time to recharge. It is also good to place mirrors out of the line of your door and opposite a window to bring more light into your room. To further increase your Chi, limit all distractions in your room. This includes closing drawers when they are not in use and only having books in your room that you are actively reading. While bookcases might be a handsome addition for literary enthusiasts, it is best to keep any unused books in another room, so you are not distracted during your recharge time.

If you have too many furniture pieces and there is no way to fit everything in your home and increase your Chi, it is best to move them out. Let self storage help you with items you can not let go of. Mini Price Storage has units of sizes between 4′ x 5′ and 10′ x 40′ to suit a variety of needs. Check out our storage guide to see which size would fit your furniture best! If you are still trying to figure out what you need, our trained representatives are here to help. Visit a location near you for a tour, or call us! We are happy to find you a great storage solution for your goals! 1-866-531-2675

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