Finding Your Correct Storage Size Is a Breeze at Mini Price Storage!

Finding Your Correct Storage Size Is a Breeze at Mini Price Storage!

For many first-time self-storage users, finding the perfect unit can be hard to determine. At Mini Price Storage, we make it a breeze!

Our team members at every location will be happy to help you decide which option is the best. Visit the location closest to you during our regular office hours to speak with one of our store associates. You can also call at 1.866.531.2675 to speak with one of our representatives over the phone. Describe the type and size of the things you want to store, and they will guide you to the correct size.

We also have a convenient tool to determine your unit size. Our storage guide is free and easy to use! Look through the different sizes and see which would fit your items the best. It even has animation to demonstrate storage techniques to make the most of your unit space!

Make your move smooth and easy with Mini Price Storage!

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