Fish Tank: Complete Guide To Moving

Fish Tank: Complete Guide To Moving

When you move, you don’t leave anything behind, and that includes your furry, feathery, and scaly animal friends. Many know how to move your dog, but you may not be as well-prepared to move your fish. Use these tips from moving.com to moving your fish tank as easily as possible.

Get Your Supplies Now

You can’t just pick up your tank and go with water and fish in it. First, you need to empty the tank and all of its contents. Then, look at these items to see if you will need them for the move.

  • Fishnets can be used to get the fish out of the water.
  • Plastic bags, containers, or buckets can transport your fish. Small fish can be transported in plastic bags, if only for a short distance away. Medium-sized fish would do best in a plastic container with lids. If you have larger fish or a longer move, 5-gallon buckets can be used. Always secure with a lid or some other kind of closure so you don’t have to worry about water or the fish spilling out.
  • Packing tape or duct tape can be used on top of the lip for added security.
  • Buckets are also great for transporting underwater plants. These plants will be submerged in water in those buckets. Again, lids and tape will protect the plants during the move.
  • A siphon hose gets the water out of larger tanks.
  • A box will hold all other fishy needs like your tank decorations, food, test strips, and whatever else you need to keep your fish happy and healthy.

Move Your Fish

No matter what you are moving them in, you have to do it with care. Fish are prone to stress, and you have to move them carefully, so they adjust well. Use water from the tank to fill the bags, containers, and buckets with some air at the top so that they are comfortable as they can be.

Ready Your Tank

Your tank needs just as much care as your fish. Once the fish are out, take out the plants and store them as described above. Siphon out the remaining water with the hose. You can even put this water in a large, sealable bucket to refill the tank once you’re in your new home. Wipe down all decorations to dry and pack with padding for protection. Sand and pebbles can be transported with plastic containers of their own. After everything is out of the tank, dry it completely.

Pack Up Your Fish Tank

Tanks are fragile, and any crack can deem the tank unusable. Take off the lid and wrap with bubble wrap and tape. Cut foam board insulation to fit the bottom of the tank. Fill the rest with packing paper or other padding supplies. Once it is all filled, wrap it up, cover it in foam board insulation, and place it in a moving box.

After this, you’ll be ready to move to your new place with your fish! If you have trouble fitting all of your fish accessories but want them out of the way, try self storage! Find a location near you!

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