Flex Room: Create the Perfect One

Flex Room: Create the Perfect One

Are there any rooms in your home that you don’t know how to use? Maybe your office doubles as a home gym, or possibly you have an overcrowded space for items of all uses. This space can be called a “flex room”, and chances are that there are ample opportunities for improvement. These are multipurpose areas of the home that remain flexible to your needs. Here is everything that flex rooms can be and how to improve if you already have one.

Consider the Functions of the Flex Room

The point of this space is to accommodate multiple functions as one. This can vary depending on what stage of life you are in and what hobbies you want to include in this room. Do you need an arts and crafts station, or are you planning a playroom for your kids? All of these functions may change as you grow in and out of these stages. Due to its changing purpose, focus on making it your own rather than perfecting it. Use this as a way to express yourself and explore your needs and style.

Get Dual-Purpose Furniture

Having a flex room means you may want to fit a lot into one space. Invest in dual-purpose furniture to avoid unnecessary stacks and piles in plain sight. These can include seating with extra storage compartments. Ottomans like this one from Macy’s double as storage compartments for various hobbies and children’s play toys. Consider nesting furniture that will be easy to stack and stow away when you want to maximize space as you change functions.

Compartmentalize For Different Uses

Using a room for different uses can be challenging, but the transition is easier if you can section off the space. Place physical barriers like carpets and tapestries to help designate specific areas for their respective functions. You can easily reset these spaces with accent walls and rugs to be exactly what you want them to be. This is helpful for rooms with items that cannot be easily moved or stowed away.

Beware of Overcrowding

It is easy to experience overcrowding in a limited space with multiple functions. Your flex room should organize your home; if it makes your house feel more cluttered, it may be time to downsize. Self storage is a fantastic option for those who need to get things out of the home and create the flex room you’ve dreamed of. Mini Price Storage provides a convenient move-in process for our customers. Our free move-in trucks, moving dollies, discounted moving supplies, and exemplary customer service allow customers to easily get the unit they need. Tour a location near you to see what sets us apart!

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