Garden Shed Organization Hacks

Garden Shed Organization Hacks

Your garden shed should be your haven to get your yard in its best shape, and it’s time you started treating it like so. Stop stumbling over your disarrayed tools and get everything in its place. Instead, use these tips and tricks to help you keep your outdoor shed uncluttered!

Design a Pegboard

This is one of the most common ways to organize your tools. This allows you to get your tools off the ground and gives you extra space in your shed. All of this while keeping your tools in sight for easy picking, and you can see why this is a popular organizational tool for shed owners.

Use Magnetic Strips for Metal Tools

Your toolset is among the most unorganized in your shed. A long, strong magnetic bar on the wall is a great way to display your tools and make them easy to choose from. You can also use these for your gardening toolset and know exactly what you have.

Hang Lawn Equipment on a Slat Wall

Larger, more heavy tools are hard to find space for and often sit on top of one another. A wall with slat panels can hold leaf blowers, power tools, ladders, edge cutters, garden hoses, and other equipment you have. I can also hold smaller, lighter items as well.

Opt for Wire Shelving

Your shed likely does not get a lot of sunlight. Wire shelves allow light to come in from other angles, allowing you to find things faster. It also can withstand water and humidity better than wooden shelving units.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

The best organizational tool you can give yourself is to declutter your garden shed before you try to find a place for everything. Give yourself the space to work effectively and throw out the things you will never use.

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