Growing Family, Growing Need for More Space

Growing Family, Growing Need for More Space

Expecting parents soon realize that waiting for the arrival of their new baby is one of the most exciting times in their lives as an adult.  There is so much happy anticipation for bringing home your new little bundle of love.  With the excitement also comes extensive planning and preparation for all of the new things that your home will need.  A crib, changing table, toys, stroller, and diapers, lots of diapers!  You may find yourself looking around your home thinking, where is all of this going to go?  Are we going to need a new house or addition?  Don’t let your worry get the best of you.  A simple and less costly solution is your own self storage rental with Mini Price Storage!

Some of the things to consider:

  • Take a look around your house and determine, what are some items that you do not use on a daily basis, but are not quite ready to part with?  Those items can go into storage and will help create the space you need for a well functioning home.
  • What are some things in your home that may need to be removed for the safety of your baby?  Coffee tables with sharp corners, book shelves that could topple over if tugged on, and other items like these can be safely stored.
  • What room will be the baby’s new bedroom?  Is that room filled with unused items like old furniture, books, and boxes of goods not completely unpacked from the last move?  Again, if you are not quite ready to part with these things, a self storage unit is great for these items you are not quite ready to part.  This will allow you to open up a great space for your new baby.

Give us a call today to discuss storage ideas to help ease your worry.  One of Mini Price Storage’s team members will be happy to help you find some peace of mind and provide options for the perfect space you need for your growing family! Contact us by calling 1.866.531.2675 or on the web!

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