Helpful Preparation Tips for Your Upcoming Military Deployment

Helpful Preparation Tips for Your Upcoming Military Deployment

Are you in the process of preparing for military deployment and struggling to figure out where to start with your belongings? This is an ideal opportunity to carefully assess your possessions and determine what you genuinely need. Here are some suggestions for handling your items as you prepare for deployment.

1. Sell Unwanted Items:

If you go through your belongings, you may discover items that no longer serve any purpose for you but are still in good condition or could be useful to someone else. There’s no reason to hold onto these, even if your deployment is temporary. Parting with these items can streamline your organization, making it easier to move both now and in the future.

Host a Garage Sale:

Garage sales can be lucrative, but they do require planning. If you’re willing to invest the time in pricing, advertising, and arranging your items effectively, you can declutter and make a decent amount of money. To make it even more successful, consider involving friends or neighbors who might want to sell items too. The larger the sale, the more attraction you will get for the sale.

List Items Online:

You can sell various items online through platforms like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or Craigslist, which cater to local buyers. This can lead to quicker sales, especially for heavy items buyers can pick up. Websites like eBay and Poshmark are viable options if you’re open to shipping items, although they may take a bit more time to sell.

2. Donate Items in Need of a New Home:

If you have gently used clothing, furniture, or electronics that won’t sell, consider donating them to organizations that can put them to good use.

Support Local Charity Donation Centers:

Numerous local chapters of organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army accept a variety of gently used items. Ensure you are aware of any specific donation policies for items that might not be suitable for resale.

Donate Furniture to Local Charities:

Large and heavy furniture you no longer require can be donated to organizations like Habitat ReStore, which often offers pickup services, relieving you of the burden.

Contribute Electronics to Local Organizations and Charities:

Old electronics like cell phones and computers can find new life. Libraries, schools, and groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America can recycle or distribute these electronics to those in need.

3. Store Items You Want to Keep:

Self storage is an excellent solution for items you wish to retain but cannot take with you during deployment. Here are some features and advantages to look for!

Free Climate Control for the Seasonal Changes:

Whether your deployment lasts three months or a year, facilities that provide climate controlled storage help safeguard your belongings from extreme temperature fluctuations.

Variety of Storage Sizes:

Self storage options come in various sizes to suit your specific needs. From small lockers for a few rooms of furniture to larger spaces capable of holding numerous boxes and furniture for several rooms, there’s a suitable size for everyone. You can use an interactive Storage Guide to determine the best fit, and storage specialists are available for further assistance.

Military Discounts:

Make the most of military discounts offered by self storage facilities during your deployment. Alongside these discounts, take advantage of specials like up to one month free, use of a free move-in truck, free unit lock, and more. Contact Mini Price Storage to explore how they can assist you today and make your transition to deployment easier at 1-866-531-2675.

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