Hiding Places for Christmas Gifts

Hiding Places for Christmas Gifts

Every year you want to create the magic of Christmas. However, whether you have a nosy spouse or kids who can’t wait, your presents are always found ahead of the holiday. If you want to truly surprise your family on Christmas Day, you must find hiding places that your family would never guess. Luckily, we have a few that might go over a few heads. Check out these ideas to make this Christmas like no other.

Hiding Places No-Nos

Before you run around hiding gifts, there are some helpful rules. First, never hide presents on your closet floor. This is the first place your family will look; it is a mistake many make yearly. Second, keep your presents in the car. Your family rides in the car often, and those gifts in the trunk are waiting to be discovered by prying eyes. Third, you can write each down as you find different hiding places for your stash. You don’t want to find the missing gift card months later that was supposed to serve as a big gift for your family. Keep a note in your phone about each gift and their hiding space so you can be sure you got everything.

Inside the Garden Shed

People will assume you kept your presents inside your warm, cozy home during this cold month. Few people would venture into the cold backyard to look for their gifts. This space is completely forgotten about in the colder months, making it a clever solution.

On a Bookshelf

If you have a bookshelf, this space is convenient for small items. Gift cards can be slipped between tightly packed items or your favorite book. If your shelves are wide enough to move the row of books forward a couple of inches, place the presents behind them to conceal them properly. This is a smart option if your family only reads books occasionally.

In the Attic

Although the attic is one of the most common storage choices, it can also be one of the smartest if you know how to hide things well. You can use empty containers from your holiday supplies to conceal your items. This way, if your kids look in the attic, they are unlikely to search through each storage container and will move to another location in their search. This can also work for your crowded garage or dark basement that children will be unlikely to sift through.

Store Outside Your Home

Are your looking for hiding spaces that separate your kids from your stash? Could you try to look for spaces outside your property? This will be a handy solution if you have an office and workspace. In this case, it would be appropriate to store your presents until you want to bring them home. Unfortunately, only some of us have access to office space. In this case, self storage would be a wonderful solution. At Mini Price Storage, we offer fantastic deals and amenities to give you the perfect hiding spot for as long as you need. Our fantastic customer service is dedicated to providing the highest quality self storage experience. Take a tour and bring a memorable Christmas surprise to your family this year! 1-866-531-2675

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