Homeward Gets Cold Weather Kits

Homeward Gets Cold Weather Kits

Richmond’s homeless issue has only become worse in recent months. This year, the number of people experiencing homelessness rose to 740, a number not seen since the 2008 economic recession. As winter continues to roll in, these families and individuals are at risk of freezing. Homeward is dedicated to preventing, reducing, and ending homelessness in the Greater Richmond area. As Homeward gets to its 25th year, its research has led to the many services they now provide. One of these much-needed resources is Cold Weather Kits. These kits offer essential safety care during these cold months. Our Richmond team on 4300 W. Broad Street is proud to do something that will help others in this challenging time. They have plenty of opportunities if you would like to support Homeward and its mission.

Homeward Opportunities

  • Educate yourself on the issues of homelessness. Topics to explore include battling harmful stereotypes of homeless populations and the lack of affordable housing.
  • Volunteer your time. The group has remote and in-person opportunities.
  • Follow them on social media and interact with their posts.
  • Support affordable housing.
  • Support them financially in various ways.

You can read more about this organization here.

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