House of Mercy Gets New Volunteers

House of Mercy Gets New Volunteers

Sister Berenice Eltz of the Sisters of Mercy left teaching in 1979 to join the social ministry at Saint Bede Catholic Church. She made a positive impression on the community thanks to her many efforts. The Williamsburg House of Mercy is the product of her hard work. This house is the area’s only care center for the homeless, where dedicated and trained staff provide many services. This nonprofit provides financial assistance, permanent housing assistance, medical care, mental health services, food, and any transportation needs. Through these services and the community’s help, the Williamsburg House of Mercy will continue to work to end local homelessness and create stability for a vibrant, prosperous life in Williamsburg.

Our team at 4091 Ironbound Road enjoys giving back to their city. Given their dedication to helping Williamsburg’s poor throughout the years, it should not be surprising that we chose to volunteer with the House of Mercy. It was great to serve the hungry in the area and show everyone what the Mini Price Storage team is passionate about- giving back to others. If you want to help the House of Mercy reach its mission, there are plenty of routes.

Ways to Help the House of Mercy

  • Volunteer with them! They have a food pantry, warehouse, and market for clothing and housewares.
  • Make a financial donation. The group accepts money through their website and Paypal account. You can also become an Advocate of Mercy by making a financial commitment.
  • Shop for their wishlists. They have specific items on Amazon and Target which satisfy a wide range of their needs.
  • Keep an eye out for any upcoming programs. They are always grateful for in-kind donations and community partners.

You can see these options in detail here.

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