How Do Our Boxes Compare?

How Do Our Boxes Compare?

Mini Price Storage offers a variety of packing and moving supplies, including boxes. While you might be able to collect free boxes from a grocery store if you’re lucky, it’s good to know how our boxes compare before you start packing. For example, how will you pack your flat screen TV? In a battered and torn box that used to hold frozen vegetables? What happens when you thought you had enough boxes and come up short?

Each of our locations stock a variety of boxes for your convenience. We carry specialty boxes such as dish packs to protect your glassware and plates as well as file boxes for storing paperwork. We also have a variety of sizes to meet every need whether you need a large box for your child’s toys or smaller boxes to carry heavier items like books. And that flat screen TV? We can help you with that, too! Our frame boxes are great for transporting or storing wall art, mirrors, and flat screen TVs. And yes, we even have wardrobe boxes.

Mini Price only carries top of the line materials and our boxes are well made. Also, here is something to consider: when you stack standard boxes, the weight of the packed contents tend to damage the boxes. Packing and stacking standard boxes could ultimately lead to damaged household items. Mini Price Storage boxes are more likely hold up when stacking contents and while in storage.

Another nice thing about investing in boxes from Mini Price is uniformity. When boxes are the same size and shape, they fit better into moving trucks. They fit better on dollies and carts. They fit better in your hands. And, you can generally get more into your storage as they fit together better in your unit. Then, once you unpack your boxes, their uniformity and durability makes them easy to break down and store for future use.

Now that you know how our boxes compare, stop by one of our facilities to see how we can help your move go smoother. What do you prefer? Battered and beaten? Or do you prefer strong, sturdy, uniform and durable boxes made to help protect your possessions during the move and while in storage?

And do not forget, we offer a 50% DISCOUNT on our moving boxes and packing supplies to all Mini Price Storage clients!

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