How Safe Is Your Self-Storage Facility?

How Safe Is Your Self-Storage Facility?

Your security should be a top priority when choosing a self-storage company to store your belongings. There are many factors to consider to make sure your self-storage facility is the safest it can be. Let our latest infographic guide you to the most secure option!

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Gated access is essential to limit facility access to customers only. Limiting facility access deters unwanted intruders. Controlled access to your unit includes passcode-protected gates. These passcodes do more than allow access through the gate. They also alert the system that the unit will be accessed soon. If an intruder accesses a unit without the passcode, there needs to be an alarm system in place to alert the facility so they can take proper action. These systems in place are a significant step, but there are other factors to consider when walking through the facility with the staff.

Take a tour of the facility and look for cameras. A well-protected facility has many cameras to give documentation of activity. Take note of the lighting in all aspects of the facility; the walkways, the elevators, the parking lots, and any other part of the facility you walk through. Good lighting in these areas also shows a company prioritizes the safety and security of their tenants. In addition to the facility being well-documented and well-lit, the facility must also be well maintained. A clean, odor-free, accessible facility shows the time and attention the owner went through to provide you with an excellent self-storage experience. Last but certainly not least, pay attention to the personnel. Ask them about any of the above factors. The staff should be able to answer all of your questions with a friendly demeanor. The friendliness and professionalism they show you now will indicate how helpful they will be in the future.

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