How To Care For Your Self Storage Unit

How To Care For Your Self Storage Unit

You have your storage unit, but do you know how to care for it? Take the extra steps to make sure your items stay in mint condition throughout your rental.

Clean Your Items Before You Store

It makes sense that if you put your items in storage in good condition, they stay in good condition. Furniture and clothes stored with dirt and moisture can turn into deep-set stains or mold. Clean your fabrics thoroughly and wipe wooden furniture down with polish. After, let these dry completely before storing them in your unit. Any appliances, like refrigerators or freezers, should be completely free of ice and water.

Plan Ahead

Before you put things in your unit, create a system to give you easy access—group items by occasion or type and then label accordingly. One group could be your holiday decorations, and another could be patio furniture. Any larger items that you will not need to retrieve should be in the back of your unit. Keep your most needed items in the front for easy access. As you find a place for your items, remember to keep a walkway clear so you can reach those items in the back. After everything is in its place, keep an inventory and even a map so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Take Care of Your Unit

Every so often, you may want to redistribute the weight of boxes on any shelving units, sweep around your items, and dust any surface that has accumulated. If you are using storage long term, this can be helpful to maintain top condition of your items’ conditions over time.

If you have any questions on storing items, our storage experts are here to help! Check out the closest location to you HERE or give us a call at 1.866.531.2675.

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