How To Store Your Camping Gear

How To Store Your Camping Gear

Have you done all the camping the summer had to offer? Right around this time of year, all fair-weather campers have to figure out where to put everything they won’t need for the colder months. If this is you, try a few of these storage solutions so you can put your camping gear to rest.

Clean Everything

After your last trip, your gear is covered in dirt, mud, and even bugs. No one wants to set up a dirty tent or unroll a gross sleeping bag. Wash everything as described by their instructions. Allow enough time to dry completely to avoid mildew and funky odors the next time you want to adventure.

Use Plastic Bins

Do you ever find yourself wading through piles of camping gear looking for that one cookware set that has to be in there? Plastic bins are your best bet to get you out the door fastest when you get the camping urge again. These bins will keep gear away from external moisture and bugs. Remember to group your items by bins. Sleeping gear like bags, pillows, and pads go in one bin. All camping cookware like stoves, utensils, and dishes go in another. Stacking these categorized bins will keep you sane and give you more storage space.

Pick Your Place

Like many things, your camping gear needs a cool, dry space away from sunlight when not in use. Most homes in the United States use spaces like garages, closets, basements, and attics. Make sure whatever area you choose has plenty of room and proper ventilation. One of the best ways to protect your belongings is with storage units. Our storage units have free heating and cooling to help your gear through the annual humidity changes. Because of this and our quality security system, storage units are ideal for storing camping supplies, among other seasonal equipment. Check out our locations to find one close to you!

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