In-Law Suite Right For Your Home?

In-Law Suite Right For Your Home?

In-law suites are becoming a trendy investment. Whether you want to house your elderly parents, earn extra income, or boost your property value before selling, there is a lot to weigh when considering constructing an in-law suite. We have everything you need to know to decide whether it is worth it.

Is an In-Law Suite Useful for you?

An in-law suite or accessory dwelling unit refers to a small property that can be separated from or attached to a single-family home. Even though many believe this space is only for in-laws, many use it for their live-in au pairs or as a separate space for visiting friends or family. Others use the suite for Airbnb stays or rental units for extra income. Others know the value of having this extra space for any of these reasons and build one to drive up their bargaining power when selling their home.

What Comes with an In-Law Suite?

This process is where you get to be creative. The suite gives residents their freedom and privacy on your property. Typically, this space includes its bedroom and bathroom. In addition, you can have a kitchen and living room to make their area more independent. If there is anything else that you know the resident would enjoy, you can also add that space for them.

How Do You Build One?

This option depends on where you live. First, check with your city for any permits for the suites. If you are not allowed to construct, petition your neighbors for a rezone or a variance. If you are allowed to build, note the size and purpose limits of the city. After you have the proper permits, determine your budget. On average, a mother-in-law suite could cost anywhere from $150,000 to $180,000. To save money, repurpose spaces you already have, like garages or attics. Consider the size of your area, the amenities you want to include, and the state of the existing space. All of these will factor heavily into the cost of building your own.

Should You Get an In-Law Suite?

It can be an excellent investment if you have the space and time for an in-law suite. Multi-generational households will find peace and privacy. Those with frequent visiting guests will find a nice place for them to relax. Those who live in college towns and other areas with renters will find extra income. For all these reasons, those selling their home will find great value. Anyone with the resources and the means for an in-law suite would find themselves in an excellent position to build one, no matter your reasoning.

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