Inventory Storage for Small Businesses

Inventory Storage for Small Businesses

Are you drowning in inventory from your small business? If you are drowning in stock, a simple system may save you time and money in the wrong run. Even if you are a new business, your orders can build quickly. Take heed of these rules and methods to produce a clear, functional office space for your company.

Track Your Inventory

The 80/20 rule comes from the Pareto principle, which means that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your inventory. Prioritize the top 20% of your items as you reorganize your system. To identify these top-selling items, look at your sales through all seasons. Monitor the sales lifecycle and recognize when to restock. Be flexible as you find what to keep in stock and which strategies to use for those who prefer a less intensive method, stickers beside fast-moving items to identify them from the rest. These will help you save money and space by avoiding slower-moving things.

Ensure High-Quality Products

Everyone wants to provide the best things; however, only some understand how. For example, when using vendors, many will offer to restock for you. This method is a great way to save staff and time. Unfortunately, these vendors don’t always have the same priorities as you as they try to push their stock. Therefore, whether you use vendors or not, it would be wise to check all products yourself. This method may take a little longer than other delivery forms, but it is the only way to know you are sending off the best materials that keep customers returning.

Rethink Storage Options

There are plenty of low-cost ways to store your items when your budget is tight. Plastic storage bins keep bugs and moisture from entering your merchandise. Select shelving that can carry a lot of weight, like this freestanding steel shelf that can hold up to 2500 pounds from Home Depot. (LINK no-follow https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-4-Tier-Industrial-Duty-Steel-Freestanding-Garage-Storage-Shelving-Unit-in-Black-77-in-W-x-78-in-H-x-24-in-D-N2W772478W4B/319132737) If you are feeling crafty, you can repurpose old bookshelves and dressers. Create 3-ring binders and use Ziploc bags for smaller inventory items. As everything finds its place, consider labeling and alphabetizing your things to see what you can do. 

It may not be practical to store everything in your office space. If you are still walking over piles and need a clear space to look at as you work, consider moving your inventory out of your home and into a self storage unit. At Mini Price Storage, we offer free move-in trucks and moving supplies discounted to our customers at half off. (LINK https://minipricestorage.com/free-stuff/) These amenities and our moving dollies available on each property build a convenient moving day for you. Try self storage to see how we can transform your office space! 1-866-531-2675

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