Job Relocation Tips

Job Relocation Tips

So you just got a job in a new city? If you have never moved before, this can be exciting and easy with our help! Here are our best tips to relocate with ease.

Get organized

Are you a list person? If not, you may want to become one. Moving out on time in one go requires a lot of concentration and organization for a simple moving day. Start with a list of everything you would like to bring with you to your house. Walk through each room and assess what items you will need to move. Note any larger items that will need a moving truck to move. Put their dimensions and approximate weight to make it easy to communicate with the movers if you need any.

Apartment shop

After you know how much you will be making and how much you will be bringing to your new place, it is time to look for that new place. There are many websites to help you with your search. Be aware that not all listings are created equal. Apartment Guide has some great tips to avoid scams HERE.

Moving out

The best method to move out is to pack up by the room. If you don’t plan to move things around too much in your new place, this will be easy! Every room gets its own set of boxes. Pack everything that is in that room in those boxes. Everything in the kitchen goes into the boxes labeled kitchen, everything in the bedroom goes into the bedroom boxes, and so on for each room. This will make it really easy to settle into your new place. BUT before you pack up, think about what you will need for your first week there when you are settling in. Get a week’s worth of clothes, including business and casual, bathroom toiletries, and dining materials so you can live comfortably as you settle and unbox everything in your new place.

If you find yourself having a hard time finding a new space for your belongings, consider Mini Price Storage! We have several locations between the Richmond area and Hampton Roads. Find the location nearest you to make your move seamless!

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