Landscaping Ideas For a Small Yard

Landscaping Ideas For a Small Yard

Do you have a tiny yard? Just because you don’t have the size doesn’t mean you can’t have the yard of your dreams! Here are some great ways to take those first steps for landscaping to perfection.

Use Potted Plants

Potted plants are a great option when you don’t have the space to plant them properly. You can set them on the ground or hang them while you build your collection.

Also, consider going vertical. Vertical planters make for a fun DIY project. Get creative and make it your own!

Plan Your Grounds

There are plenty of ways to landscaping your grounds to make the space seem larger. However, if you prefer traditional grass, keep it low maintenance. Artificial grass may be the way you should go. It requires almost no care, and unlike natural grass, your pets won’t mess it up. Not only is this cheaper, but it also improves total home value.

If you want something less traditional, xeriscaping may be up your alley. Replace grass with materials like concrete, wood, or stone to keep your yard practically maintenance-free while looking incredibly sleek. There are so many ways to reconceive the layout of your yard with this style and make it look larger.

Rethink Your Patio

Oftentimes, patios can take up the most space in a small yard. However, there are ways to make this work in your favor. If you don’t like taking care of your lawn, a large patio in a smaller yard may be just what you need. This also allows the patio space guests to be the center of attention in the yard.

Sunken patios are a great way to use the space to your advantage. This style creates visual depth and gives a modern take on a traditional space. Use a wide variety of plants on a higher level to create a unique look and give your guests a more private feel.

Consider Your Garden Shed

As you get more involved with gardening and build your perfect yard, you’ll need to organize your supplies. No matter the size, nothing makes a space look disorganized, like when tools and objects are strewn around the area. Consider stepping up your garden shed to store things appropriately. Try these organization hacks to stay on top of your tools!

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