Lending A Hand At St. Joseph’s Villa

Lending A Hand At St. Joseph’s Villa

Mini Price Storage volunteers at St Joseph's VillaMini Price Storage employees volunteering at St. Joseph’s Villa
in Richmond, VA. L to R: Barbara L., Naarah W., Lorraine W.

Despite the cooler weather and occasional snow flurries, we still celebrated the coming of Spring and prepared for the impending visit from the Easter Bunny. Yes, the Easter Bunny! Did you know the Easter Bunny has a few helpers? Some of his helpers this year were volunteers from Mini Price Storage in Richmond, Virginia. He needed a little help putting together over 600 Easter Eggs for a huge hunt on Easter Sunday at St. Joseph’s Villa.

St. Joseph’s Villa, located at 8000 Brook Road in Richmond is one of Virginia’s largest non-profit organizations serving at-risk youth, children with autism and other disabilities as well as families transitioning from homelessness. Mini Price is giving back to our community by partnering with St. Joseph’s and practicing volunteerism.

On March 20th, four employees from Mini Price sat around a table and stuffed small candy bars, chocolate eggs, taffy, and Nerds into plastic eggs that will be used for the organization’s Easter celebration. We share this experience with our readers to let them know how easy and fun it can be to volunteer in their local communities. Imagine the joy of these children as they run across an open field and pick up eggs filled with surprises left by the Easter Bunny!

The Mini Price team in Richmond looks forward to continuing their visits to St. Joseph’s. Whether they’re helping out in the Boutique or helping out on a special project, there will always be a need for volunteers. For more information on St. Joseph’s Villa, visit their website at:  http://neverstopbelieving.org.

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