Less Stress with More Space in the New Year

Less Stress with More Space in the New Year

Still feeling overstuffed from the holidays?  Most of us overindulge in the noshing on holiday treats department and also in the decoration and gift departments as well.  Each year, it is always tempting to add to the collection of ornaments, lights, and other holiday décor. The ten-foot inflatable Frosty the Snowman seemed like a great idea for the front yard in December, but not so much for packing and storing in January.  Not to mention the extra toys that Santa may have brought for not only the little ones in your home, but the grown-ups as well.  The new elliptical doesn’t quite fit in the bedroom like you had hoped, right?  This frustration from being overstuffed can last well into the New Year, turning even the happiest of Who’s into the grumpiest of Grinches.  But never fear!  Self storage is here!  Well, right around the corner actually, and with lots of options to help you get rid of the stress, mess and eliminate the constant tripping over things.

Many people find that renting a self storage unit in the New Year allows them to conveniently and safely store the extra decorations, become more organized, and clear the home of unwanted clutter.  Yes, self storage can bring you peace-of-mind and instill a feeling of Zen, ahhhh!

At Mini Price Storage we have many size options, storage tips, and storage professionals on hand to help with getting the most out of your new space.  Call a Mini Price Storage team member today at 1.866.531.2675 to learn more about storage options and unit sizes that will work best for you.

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