Lucky with Self Storage on St. Patrick’s Day!

Lucky with Self Storage on St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! There are plenty of things you might get lucky on, but there are some things you will want more assurance about, like your self storage company. If you want to find the four-leaf clovers of self storage groups, pay attention to these easy tell-tale factors.

What Security Measures Do They Employ?

Any self storage security measures should be clearly outlined on their website. This is a top concern for any self storage company. They should want to reassure you that they have top-quality systems. These systems can include security alarms, controlled-gate access, passcode protection, and a heavy-duty lock, among other factors.

Do they Create a Convenient Move-in Process?

There are several ways that a company can show its commitment to its customers. They can offer ample, free move-in trucks to help you transport everything you need for your big day. The group may also have a large array of packing supplies available for a discount to customers. These elements make the self storage group a one-stop shop for everything they need, creating a convenient environment for the customers.

Ask about their amenities and look out for free heating and cooling. This capability allows you to store your items year-round, giving your items an added layer of protection against the temperature extremes of the year. This will enable you to keep your things for long periods, should you need to.

What Do Customers Say About Them Online?

The best test of the company is its past customers. Check out Google, Facebook, and Yelp to see what their past customers say about them online. Look at the star rating and the number of reviews to get a full view of how trustworthy the rating is. If you know anyone who has used their units, could you ask about their experience? This is often one of the best ways to decide whether to store with the group.

How Was The Tour?

Don’t rely on the word of strangers alone! Check out the group for yourself before you commit. Visit the self storage facility you are questioning. Ask for a tour and inspect every aspect of the process. Ask the associates plenty of questions. They will be your point of contact during storage, so you should be able to rely on them for anything.

If you are pleased with every step of this process, you should trust your own instincts! If you do your research and feel good about a place, chances are you will be lucky with your pick!

At Mini Price Storage, we employ all these aspects in our storage rental process. We are committed to a safe and convenient rental experience from start to finish, so you feel lucky every step of the way. Our amenities, online reviews, and customer service team all show why Mini Price Storage is at the top! We offer the most affordable, most convenient, and best storage in town. Visit a location near you for your tour today!

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