Make The Transition to Fall a Breeze

Make The Transition to Fall a Breeze


The fall season is almost upon us and it is time to put away the summer clothing, pool tools, and beach gear. If all of the summertime fun has cluttered your home, self storage may be the solution for getting you ready for fall and helping you organize your space.

Here are some ways self storage can help:

A self storage unit is a great place to store your wave runner, boogie and surf boards, and the larger items that you will not need in the winter, but are taking space up in the garage.  Storage units with shelving provide a great way to maximize the space in your rented unit and are the perfect place for the boards and larger beach items. 

Outdoor furniture tends to last longer if it is not exposed to the harsh outdoor winter weather.  If there is no room in your garage or shed, a self storage unit will offer you the protection and space you need to store those items.

Did you go overboard buying items for your family’s summer wardrobe? If your closet is not large enough to hold all of those great summer finds, your self storage unit can offer that extra closet space you always wanted.  

Your lawn also has different needs in the summer verses the fall and all of the garden equipment like extra hoses and tools will need to be stored. These items will keep well in your storage unit and allow you to make room in your garage for the fall and winter lawn equipment and supplies.

Mini Price Storage offers everything you need to get your home ready for the new season and will help make your transition to fall a breeze.  Here are just a few of the great storage amenities that we offer our valued customers:

  • Free Move-in Truck
  • Free Alarm & Security System
  • Free Top Security Lock
  • Free Use of Dollies
  • More Storage Space For Free
  • Customized shelving  


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