Meet Lego!

Meet Lego!

Meet Lego! Lego came to the Chesapeake Humane Society when one of their shelter partners had a dog that unexpectedly gave birth. Lego was a singleton puppy (one puppy litter). Diane, the Society’s Community Engagement Officer, had been talking with her son about fostering a puppy just hours before the shelter reached out about needing a foster parent, and she knew she could make a difference.

The first 72 hours were absolutely critical for this pup because she would be away from her mom. The family bottle-fed the puppy, brought the dog everywhere they went, and gave her some extra TLC until she could open her eyes and become a little more independent. After caring for this pup, she has grown into a big, healthy puppy, and at 12 weeks old, Lego has found her forever home with a lovely couple. None of this would have been possible without the help of Diane and her family!

Diane and her family have chosen to foster animals because their lifestyle would not support having a dog. She says, “We really like to be the bridge between homelessness and a family for our foster pets.” Fostering a pet shows an animal that you care about them while preparing them for a forever home. It is a rewarding experience that gives these pets a second chance at life.

If you would like to make a world of difference in an animal’s life, consider fostering! Find out more about what this process entails on the Chesapeake Humane Society’s program HERE.

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