Mini Price Storage Helps Ease Holiday Stress

Mini Price Storage Helps Ease Holiday Stress

By Julie Butts, Storage Expert

November has arrived. The weather is cooler, the clocks are set back, and Christmas trees are on display in the stores.  Yes, you read that right—Christmas trees! It’s time to think about holiday gatherings, guests, and getting the house ready festive activities. Mini Price Storage can help ease stress and get you through the holiday season with a small, medium, or large-sized storage unit.

Fall Cleaning

I know you’ve heard of spring cleaning, but fall cleaning is just as important. The biggest place to start is the garage. When snow falls, will you be able to park your car in the garage? If you own a motorcycle, is it winterized? Have you thought about moving it to Mini Price for the winter along with your other summer things taking up space in the garage? Look around. You probably won’t need jet skis, the patio set, pool equipment, bicycles, fishing equipment or other summer recreational equipment until spring.  Use your garage to park your car. Use one of our storage facilities [link to store locations] to store other things.

Next, look around the house. Are you expecting holiday guests this year? Moving out one or two pieces of furniture could open up your living area for guests to easily mingle. It will also give you open space to put up your Christmas tree, train set or other holiday decorations.

Holiday Decorations

As you’re pulling out your holiday decorations, notice how much room they take up in your house.  Are they filling the closet of a spare bedroom? Are they forgotten in the attic? Many people neatly organize their holiday decorations in plastic bins and store them with Mini Price Storage. Some people have holiday decorations for every season. They simply go to their unit and pull out the appropriate bins for each season. We’re also a great place to store all those animated deer, elves, and Christmas presents.

Christmas Presents

Sometimes, the Christmas presents people store are not the lighted, animated kind you see in front yards and on rooftops. Sometimes…people store real presents to keep them hidden from little peeping eyes. Santa has to store all those toys somewhere. It doesn’t have to be in your bedroom closet or your car trunk. What else is taking up space in your closet? And, what about that spare room?

Sharing Space

Are you an empty nester with a son or daughter away at school? If so, you’ve probably wondered what to do with the extra bedroom no one uses now. Maybe you’ve thought about having a workout room or a room to enjoy a hobby, but you’re afraid to part with the bedroom set that you might need again at the end of the school term. Mini Price helps you enjoy the best of both worlds by allowing you to store the bedroom furniture while your student is away, but have the peace of mind that the bedroom can be easily converted again if needed.

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