Mini Price Storage Is Taking Steps To Become More Eco-Friendly

Mini Price Storage Is Taking Steps To Become More Eco-Friendly

Mini Price Storage began implementing green design concepts back in 2009.  We have also begun updating our other storage facilities to help the environment and provide options for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Here are the highlights from our green efforts:

Did you know we’ve reduced our paper use by at least 25% over the last two years by sending electronic receipts and switching some of our paper forms to electronic forms?

Electronic forms allow us to choose when we want to print something.  They also allow us to make operational changes to the form as a business without printing, purchasing, and shipping out new boxes of forms to replace the revised copies.

We’re reducing paper, water and energy use in other areas as well.  All of our facilities have hand dryers in their restrooms to eliminate the need for paper towels.  We’re also incorporating low flow toilets to reduce water use.

Our high efficiency heating and cooling units maintain a good temperature range to control humidity without using too much energy.  We have a monitoring system that allows us to detect potential problems with our environmental control system before the problem grows and more energy is wasted.

Mini Price is trying to save energy with our lighting systems as well.  Some of our facilities have motion sensor lighting which helps us conserve electricity by automatically turning lights on when motion is sensed and automatically turning them off after a period of time without motion.  We’re beginning to use compact fluorescent bulbs and our facility lobbies have energy efficient fluorescent lighting.

As we build new storage facilities and make improvements to our existing sites, we continue to think with an eco-friendly mind.  For example, we used recycled floor tiles and a counter top made of recycled glass.

Mini Price Storage continues to make improvements to reduce energy and promote a healthy environment.  We encourage all our readers to do what they can to help keep the earth green.  Remember to reduce, recycle, and re-use whenever possible.  Help educate others.  You can make a difference!

recycled glass counter top

Recycled glass counter top.
Motion censored lighting.
Mini Price Storage going green for a happy Earth and storage customer!
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