Mini Price Storage Makes Home Staging Easier

Mini Price Storage Makes Home Staging Easier

Home staging gained momentum and popularity during the real estate boom of the early 2000’s.  Since then, the market has slowed almost to a halt in some regions like Virginia.  Staging a home could be the slight edge you need to sell a property, and Mini Price Storage makes home staging easier.

If you’re trying to sell your home, home stagers will tell you to removesome of your personal possessions.  Decide what you really need and then pack up everything else for storage.  Imagine that you are a potential buyer looking at a property for sale.  You walk into a cozy family room with a couch, love seat, big screen TV and an overstuffed chair.  Shelves are full of figurines and treasures collected over a lifetime.  The walls are full of family pictures.  There’s a corner for the family pet and a sewing basket next to one of the chairs.  You feel like you’ve just walked into grandma’s house for a visit.

The problem with this scenario is two-fold.  As a potential buyer, you want to visualize the space as yours.  That’s hard to do when family photos and other reminders of someone else’s life fills the room.  Rooms also feel smaller when they are full.  Home staging is basically a philosophy that says minimize your personal possessions so potential buyers can see themselves living in your home.

Mini Price Storage offers a variety of storage solutions which can help you unclutterand stage your home for potential buyers to see it as their own.  We’ll even give you free use of a truck to help move in to your storage unit with an appliance dolly to move heavy items.

Home staging professionals also turn to the self-storage industry for help in staging a home. They advise their clients to temporarily store items at a convenient storage facility such as Mini Price Storage where they can access their belongings as needed.  But, home stagers choose Mini Price for their own storage needs, too.

Some home stagers partner with realtors to fill empty homes with furnishings that make the house a home.  Others invest in vacant properties they fix up and stage for resale.  Either way, the home stager eventually needs a place to store furnishings until they’re needed again to stage another property.

Whether you are a professional home stager or a property owner, staging a home could indeed be the slight edge you need to sell a house in today’s market.  Stop by one of our Mini Price Storage facilities to see how Mini Price can help make your home staging easier with convenient local storage facilities, free truck use for moving into your unit, and a friendly staff of professionals ready to help get you started.

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